Wednesday 20 May 2015

An exciting new development for new writers for young adults

We’re looking for three volunteers to take part in a scheme that may help you to get your young adult novel published. It is aimed at writers who only have a little experience or who are new to the genre.  

Working through a self-help books
You will be asked to work your way through a “how to” book on writing for young adults. You are asked to complete the exercises at the end of each chapter and send them to us for feedback. We’ll then give you feedback on your work.

We need your feedback too
We’ll ask you to give us feedback on the materials and the process. We’ll ask you to help us work out what would be a fair price to charge for this course in the future.

Towards your book
Once you’ve worked your way through all of the materials, you’ll be ready to complete your book. We ask you to send it to us when it’s ready. The deal is – we’ll read the whole book. If we like it enough, we’ll publish it. This will be part of the process even when we start charging for courses. This part will always be free.

How to apply
Fill in the contact form and say you’re interested in Writing for Young Adults. Tell us a little about yourself and why you would like to take part in this. We’ll take on the first three suitable candidates to apply.    
We look forward to hearing from you.           


  1. Hi, Gill, where is the contact form? Did you mean here? Thanks.

  2. Oh I see it on the right, thanks.