Tuesday 13 December 2016

Some marketing tips

These were gathered at the Bridge House / CaféLit event held on 3 December 2016. I’ll put these up on the various publisher sites as well and add to them as we come across more.
  • When self-promoting make sure your message involves facts, feelings and actions
  • Don't just use social media to tell your audience about "you" - actually engage with your followers - what have you seen / read / experienced that they might like or discuss.
  • Be open to possibilities. I went into flash fiction by accident but am so glad I did. Also, enter writing competitions and build up a "CV"
  • Get double sided bookmarks printed advertising 2 books, and leave them in local libraries
  • Promote other writers, don't expect them to promote you back. But when you give you get back. 
  • Review, review, review.
  • Organise mini book events like Tupperware parties.
  • Always have a call to action on your landing pages and other important pages. However avoid saying explicitly “Buy my book”.     

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