Tuesday 3 May 2022

Your ultimate guide for practical submissions


We thought it would be a good idea this month to look at what from our point of view makes a submission that is easy to publish. We’re not talking here about the content of your text but how it’s presented.  

Most people know about double spacing, using a regular 10 or 12 font and indenting paragraphs but how you format your work can make a big difference to how easy it is for us to turn your Word document into a book.

Word docx is our favourite format. Not everyone can use that but most systems allow you to emulate it.

We’ll never reject a text because of the software that’s been used to create it but our design time can be much longer if you don’t follow best practice, and that delays the time it takes for your book to clear its set up costs and your profit share to convert from 50% to 75%.   

So here are five tips that may be helpful:

1.      Use the paragraph tool in Word set your paragraphs rather than the tab key or typing in extra spaces.   


2.      Click the little arrow at the bottom right.    

3.      Set your paragraph  like this:


4.       However, your first paragraph and the opening paragraph of any new section should always be “full-out” so set your paragraph thus: 


5.      For new sections us the “full-out” above and insert an extra line before the paragraph. 

This really makes big difference to how easily your book can be published. What’s more, we’re more likely to understand exactly how you meant your work to look.   


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