Monday 12 December 2022

Our Annual Celebration Event 3 December 2022


Despite all the concerns we’d had about trains being cancelled or problems with Transport for London everyone arrived on time and we spent a pleasant afternoon together. 


 The Theodore Bullfrog again did us proud. I just love this venue. It is very close to Charing Cross Station and also quite close to Embankment. It’s furnished in a cosy homely sort of way and the winter light creates a nice atmosphere: There are windows on two sides and really nice light fittings. Actually as well, being so close to The Strand seems so appropriate for a book event.    

We eat and drink, we sell books, we chat. We swap marketing tips and business cards. 




People read from their work.


One of the nicest aspects about all of this is putting faces to names and getting to know our authors a little bit more closely.   



And next year? We’ll be here 1 December .

And the next anthology has the theme “Gifted”. Details here.             

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