Sunday 5 February 2023

Angels and Devils by William Wilson

How we came to publish this one

We have William before. We do like working with authors whose short stories we have published. We know them already. We have a relationship. They understand how we work.   

The title

This is a very apt title. The protagonist in each story appears to be either a devil or an angel.  

Some notes about the process

As ever, this collection went through our three stages of editing and three proof reads. One of our freelance editors worked on this.  

The cover

The cover was provided by the author’s son-in-law, Dany. We were delighted that it worked perfectly on all levels: technical, artistic and commercial. It’s a rather nice cover.     

Some notes about style

Some stories are shorter, some longer. They are the type that make you think – and go on thinking even after you have put the book down! A quote from reviewer Rosemary Johnson: “William Wilson has an understated style which never gets in the way of story-telling and he is a master at building up tension, layer by layer.  

Who we think the reader is

Certainly these stories are for readers who like to be intrigued. There is some darker humour in some of them. Wilson includes some sharp observations on human nature.        

What else

William is doing a great job on selling these books.

Review copies

It’s always great if you can buy the book and give us a review. Just click on the link to be taken to Amazon. If you would like to review and you are strapped for cash, just get in touch for a free PDF or mobi-file.      


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