Tuesday 4 April 2023

Royalties 2023


Emails have now been sent out to everybody who has earned this year, with the exception of those who had just a few stories on CafeLit and have not passed the £10.00 threshold.  Each story on CafeLit earned 59p.

I have had a lot of emails bounce back. Then sometimes my client told me a person didn’t exist but I have evidence that the email did go through. But if you think you should have had a royalty statement and you haven’t, please get in touch.

People have been generous in donating to the charities we’re supporting this year. I did say the cut-off date for donation was the 31 March but I’ll leave it open a few more days. I’ll let you all know the final figures in the next newsletter.

Some of you have said you can’t quite figure out the royalties and I think for some of you the figures in green don’t show up.  So, here is snapshot of mine and I’ll try and explain how they work:

Column A shows where the royalty came from, column B the date and column C the number.  Attfield bought one copy of the book (A61), 1.604938 pages were read in the UK(A62), one e-book was bought in Germany (A65) and 1 paperback in the US (A70)  Attfield bought the book form my stock. Had she bought it via the bookshop, £12 would have appeared in column (A 70) E61 would have shown the print cost, say £7.50 and then £2.50 is gross minus print cost in column J61. The profit share royalties appear in column K, the profit to the company in column L and what is stashed away into our royalty account in column N.

I also had a story in the Best of CafeLit 2010. The net amount was 1.20. Therefore to be shared between 46 authors was 60p: 0.01303478 per author. All of these amounts are transferred to column P and then added up.  Note, you are only seeing a few rows of this statement.

Also note that some spreadsheets use different columns but look at the header of each column.

It’s clear that the people who earn the most are those who submit often. These same people have learnt our house style and are building on their success. So, keep on submitting and don’t let the odd “decline” put you off.

A reminder: You may wish to pay part or all of your royalties to one of this year’s charities, which are:

Outward Bound

Whizz Kids

DEC – Ukraine

DEC – Earthquake

Please specify which charity or how you might like to divide the amount between one or more. Let me know.

Any royalties from Covid 19 or Aftermath you may wish to donate to MEDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRE.    

You can also just let your royalties roll over to next year. 

If you earned £10.00 or more in royalties we can make a payment via:  

1.      Bank transfer (Please let us know your bank details). We can make international payments and will need your IBAN number and the postal address of your bank. However, PayPal is more favourable for amounts under £20.00

2.      PayPal (Please let us know your PayPal email / ID)

Your details will be destroyed once we have scheduled the payment.  

You can also use your royalties to buy more books and you don’t need to pass the £10.00 threshold to do that. Please remember to claim them though; a few authors have opted for this but haven’t remembered to claim them when they’ve put in an order. This option is really good for you and for us; we sell more books, whose printing costs come from money we already have, and you build up even more royalties .

If you don’t let us know what you wish to do, we automatically roll over your royalties to next year.

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