Monday 26 January 2015

Bridge House’s Next Anthology

Excitingly we already have a name and some quite concrete ideas for the cover. So now we just want the submissions to flow in.
‘Snowflakes’ is our theme. This may be literal but it can also be metaphorical. In fact, it’s probably likely to be. Obviously, though, given the time of year, your story may well feature snow.
So, what do we mean by this? 
Well, let’s just think about the quality of snowflakes for a while:
·         Each snowflake is unique
·         And perfectly formed
·         Possibly / probably beautiful
·         Is one of a variety of kinds (some research into the properties of snowflakes might be interesting and inspiring here)
·         Snow melts and turns into water – a life-giving force. Maybe the story has a face value and as we take it in and as it stays with us a while it gathers a deeper meaning. We always want our stories to make people think. That’s one of the things about short stories anyway.      
Did any of you watch the One Show about photographing snowflakes? There were some amazing photographs. That too is inspiring.
Again we have the Advent Calendar form. We’re looking for 24 stories – one a day for 1 to 24 December. We’re not looking for children’s stories, though.
We’re open for submissions until 31 March. The book will be out by 15 November. Full submission brief here. Happy writing!  

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