Saturday 4 March 2023

Fair Submissions - The Opportunities List

Please remember our waiting list is long. Even with eight editors it takes a while for your work to get to the top of the list.  Currently we’re taking about eight new books a year, in addition to the annual anthology and The Best of CaféLit.  Also we’ll start another when a book recovers financially. So, it may be worth looking at this list in detail whilst you’re waiting.      

I often add several items a day. I look for fairness. Competitions must not be too expensive to enter.  Everything must lead to fair payment, decent publication, fantastic exposure or just be good fun.  

On  Fair Submissions to find what you’re looking for, click on Labels on the left hand side.  You’ll see a lot of dates to start with.  Then click Show More and you’ll see a list of genres and categories.   Or simply type your search term into search field. When I send out the list to those of you who have opted to receive it I’ll feature the latest three posts. 

You can sign up to have the list drop in your in-box every time it is tidied up i.e. every three to four weeks.  Sign up here: . “Tidied up “means removing the out of date entries i.e. when it is past the call for submission date. I don’t have the time to actually monitor whether the web sites mentioned are active or whether a publisher has gone out of business.  So, if you come across anything like that, do let me know.    


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