Monday 23 November 2015

And the winner is ....

Everything Is Seen At It's Best In The Dark

 by Neil Campbell 

What  Charlotte Delaney said about all of the short-listed entries:

"There was such a terrific array of characters, settings, styles and tales.  It wasn't easy and I tip my hat to anybody who manages to convey so much in so few words, which is what all of the submissions achieved."

An about the winning entry: 

"Why I chose Everything Is Seen At It's Best In The Dark:

I particularly liked the way a brief moment in time is coupled with enough information about the past to tell the tale of a tragedy and its effects on those concerned.  Particularly Sue.  The description of her regular walk and her regular route, through very ordinary surroundings, is vivid in its simplicity and heartbreaking against the backdrop of grief and loss.  The language is uncluttered and used to great effect.  I am always interested in the aftermath of an event, how people cope, how they don't cope.  This particular story flicked that switch beautifully.

Charlotte Delaney"

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