Friday 1 January 2016

2015-2016 Janus Report

The Red Telephone

We’re very pleased this year to have published Alex Dunn’s The Demon Magician. This is an exciting paranormal romance where the said magician has dodgy dealings with the underworld. At the same time it’s the story of an ordinary girl who finds the strength of character to take on the magician and his demons. I really enjoyed editing this. Cathy Dunn (Alex is her pseudonym) is really easy to work with.

We’re not open to submissions again until October 2016. We’re concentrating on current titles until then. Do have a look at what we publish if you’re interested in writing for us:

We’re basically YA though may be venturing into New Adult soon.

Also in September 2016 we’re starting our new mentoring scheme / online course for people who wish to write for young adults. Though we can’t guarantee publication, we’ll take a good look at any full script produced by anyone who has taken the full course. We have two more free places to give away. Find out more here.

Bridge House

We were very pleased with our latest anthology, Snowflakes. It’s selling steadily and has some nice reviews. We’re rather proud of our video, too. Watch it here.

We met up with some of the authors, some CaféLit authors and some of those selected for the Shelagh Delaney collection. It’s always good to meet in person.

Next up is putting together the Shelagh Delaney Collection. We’re hoping this may become an annual event. We’ve identified a couple of people who might look after further adult collections and I personally would work with schools. I did after all have a former existence as a school teacher. We hope to have the current collection out by the end of January.

Also today we’re launching our appeal for submission to the 2016 collection, Baubles. Short, snappy, sparkly stories that brighten up the darker nights like baubles enhance the Christmas tree. We’re not talking about things that give you a good belly laugh nor anything that is overly sentimental. Feel good is fine, yes, but just a light touch. You’ll know it when you think of it. Full submission details are here. Note, the celebration event on 3 December. It may or may not be London this time.


The Best of CaféLit 4 is a slim volume but very enjoyable. The Creative Café Project continues to grow. CaféLit as ever is open to submissions. I’m currently working on The Best of CaféLit 5.

It looks like being a productive year.          

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