Tuesday 27 October 2020

Drawn by the Sea by Jeanne Davies


How we came to publish this one

Jeanne has had several stories published by Bridge House in our annual anthologies and she has also appeared in CafeLit. She has been included in our Waterloo books. Many of the stories in this volume have appeared in our anthologies.  

The title

The title comes partly from Jeanne’s love of the sea. She has recently moved to live near the sea and she enjoys walking with her dog in this environment.         

The cover

We worked with Jeanne on lots of wonderful beach scenes. Some ideas came from her own photographs.     

Some notes about style

Jeanne writes in plain English. Her dialogue is carefully crafted to sound like the people who are talking. She makes good use of the senses to give us a real sense of time and place.      

Who we think the reader is

Many of the stories have a feel-good factor. Yet there is sadness as well in some of them. They also challenge the readers.


The book continues to sell steadily though has not yet covered all of its set-up costs.  We could do with a few more sales, however. If you’d like a copy, click on the image and you’ll be taken straight to Amazon.  

What else

Jeanne is always supportive of what we do. She has attended many of our celebration  events. She is active on social media and often likes or shares our posts.. 


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