Monday 3 June 2024

Renascentia - getting your out of print books back into print

 A little more about this imprint. 

You can see it at Duosuma : 

Please submit the whole of your script.

Put the history of the script in the cover letter, confirming that you have the rights back. 

Please provide a full bio. 

Please provide a double-spaced text in common font e.g. Times New Roman font. T

his is for writers we know; i.e. those who have already been published by us or are recommended by one of our freelancers. 

It is about republishing your book that has gone out of print. 

You must be able to guarantee that you have the rights back. 

If we accept your submission: 

We design your book 

We design your cover 

We can issue the book with an ISBN (which means any book shop can find copies) 

We can hook it up to distributors which makes it visible to retailers and it will appear on web sites world-wide 

We do some marketing. 

You receive 50% of the profit for the first 200 books and 75% thereafter Y

ou can always buy books from us at 75% RRP rising to 65% if you can buy 51+ in one go.

 The main difference here with how we produce other books is that there would be no editorial input in other than a proof read. You would of course be given the opportunity to proof-read your own text. 

You may find it more advantageous to self-publish. You would have 100% of the profit. We could help you with any of the issues above but would charge a small fee. 

However, there are two routes to publication. See: Another advantage for you would be that Amazon KDP will provide an ISBN. 

 However, a couple of important points are the ISBN – buying individual ones is expensive – and not having the advantage of our distribution and marketing.

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