Wednesday 29 November 2017

The "Tupperware Party" Launch

Not feeling up to a full physical launch? Why not try something a little more intimate?  

Remember those "parties" where the hostess gets to sell Loads of useful plastic containers and earns the power to buy based on the commission on what she sells?

Of course there is more to these parties. Some jolly banter. Good company. Some nice refreshments and if you're into that sort of thing, it can be a pleasant way of spending an evening. 

There are some things we could emanate here. You could start off just inviting a few personal friends to your launch party. Supply a few delicious refreshments.

The "demonstration" element of your party is about your book. When it's your turn to be under the spotlight, talk about how you came to write the book. Read a few extracts. Allow time for questions.
Offer the book and signed copies but be very laid back about this. Forget about the cost of the refreshments. This is just you enjoying friends' company. Don't have too many books on display. Maybe half as many as people. You can always whip a few more out later. 

If appropriate you could devise a few light-hearted games based on your book. 

You can further replicate the "Tupperware" model. Explain that you would like to extend this party idea across the country. Would anyone else like to host a party? Maybe you could give them a free copy of the book now and allow them a % commission on anything they "sell" at their party which they could spend on books.  This may work well if you have several titles and may help you to shift some of your backlist.             

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