Sunday 23 February 2020

Writing on holiday?

After a busy personal period which continues I had a #SuccessfulSunday

Allison’s first edit is complete (thankfully I finished this earlier this week, gone). Today I submitted a short story into a competition. I was thoroughly immersed in my characters and lost track of time. When that happens when writing, editing or reading it’s special. It’s how it is when I’m in full flow. We talked about this recently at my Writing Group, Stories@Dogberry here in Okehampton, Devon and all of us could relate. Since childhood I could become immersed in this creationism.

Then later today I uploaded four more chapters of my online book to my website.

There are many competitions out there to enter folks, go for it! Gill here (owner of this blog and our awesome author, and publisher extraordinare) regularly keeps an eye on opportunities. Slowly I’m working on entering more and my Writing Group is making me write more; its purpose! Then there’s the list of writing festivals and events in the south west I’m compiling too.

Keep writing everyone! Here I am writing on holiday two years ago!

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