Tuesday 6 February 2024



Not all of our contracts are the same, but usually rights on our single author books revert back to you three years from publication date. However, we only take your book out of print if you ask us to. And even if you ask us to take it out of print we can still get you author copies.

You retain the rights on stories published on the CafeLit site and in the annual The Best of book. In the annual themed anthologies we ask for exclusive rights for one year though usually if you ask permission to reprint we’ll grant this.

However, this comes at a cost of £8.40 a year. This is extremely good value for money as this allows your title to be distributed world-wide. If we had to set this up ourselves it would take hours of work. Even so, with over a hundred titles you can see that this is a significant expense. So regretfully we’re having to take some titles out of distribution. We are doing this when they are five years old or older, haven’t sold ten copies in the previous year and aren’t part of a series. The e-book will still be available and we’re gradually replacing them with KDP books – available only through Amazon.  They will also still be available directly from us. And we shall continue to promote them. 

Titles affected are:


Build a book hard copy

Build a Book photocopiable

Voices of Angels

The Best of CaféLit 2011

On This Day

Crime after Crime

Writers for Animals


The Best of CaféLit 4


The Best of CaféLit 5

Salford Stories


Calling for Angels

100 Stories for Haiti

Gentle Footprints

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