Wednesday 2 September 2020

Your 30 Day Marketing Plan for September

Find the book that is the most in the red of all the ones you’re involved with and as far as possible works through these actions, one a day.  And / or use these for any one of your titles.
1.       Edit your web site- is it easy for people to contact you?  Mention this book. Can you give a copy away today?   
2.       Request reviews via your email list. Not got an email list yet? Start building one. Or approach my Dream Team. Send me some copy and I’ll send it out to them.
4.       Approach a quirky reader.   
5.       Make a Podcast of part of your book  
6.       Approach a local radio station.  
7.       Approach a local TV channel.   
8.       Consider a book ad:  Bookbub, Contentmo, Amazon, Facebook.
9.       Approach a quirky reader.  
10.   Make sure your Amazon Author page is up to date. Post out a link to it.  
11.   Post on Good Reads.  Consider a giveaway?  
12.   Approach reviewers.   
13.   Create a business card specifically about this book and give them all out within a month.
14.   Create a book club guide for this book and make it available via your web site, blog or Facebook page.    
15.   Give away a copy.
16.   Consider a stall at a local event.
17.   Create something to wear form your book and wear it!
18.   Add a strap line to your email signature. You can remove or replace this later. It’s always good to change them from time to time anyway. Make sure it contains a call to action.
19.   Put a link to your book on Twitter. Make sure to provide a #.  Avoid “buy my book” but leave that as a possibility.   
20.  Here’s mine: What prompts the BDM girls to help their disabled friends? #Holocausteducation
21.   Post something about the book on a relevant Facebook group. Avoid “Buy my book” but allow that also to be a possibility.  
22.   I put this on my 1940s Facebook group.
23.   Trying to get into the heads of these young German women.  I'm absolutely convinced that the BDM (girl's Hitler youth) uniform was a boon to young women who had been brought up through the depression and who could probably remember the hyperinflation in Germany: the smart calf-length skirt, dazzling white shirt and trendy flying jacket. Some even got to wear luxurious-looking great coats. But actually photos show all sorts of odd footwear.
24.   Note: Facebook will drag the link in and show the page you’re linking to. This makes it more interesting for your reader.   
25.   Approach a blogger to see if they will feature you and / or your blog. No won’t hurt you and at least they’ll have heard of you. Yes will mean you’ll get some publicity.
26.   I actually approached the editor of the book for this one. 
27.   Request one review – from a friend, family, follower or fan. Send them the PDF or mobi-file we provide as long as we haven’t yet got 50 reviews on Amazon.  Don’t worry if they say no. You’ve reminded them that you’re a writer.  They may even say yes.  
28.   Experiment with key words on Amazon that might be relevant to your book until you get to 100-600 books suggested.  Make sure your book is included. Now, write some copy for your blog, web site or Facebook page than includes those key words.       
29.   Promote this book and two others in a physical package. If we’ve published all three we can do the package for you. But discuss it first with us so that we get the price right. You collect the orders at full price and the money, and pass the orders and 75% of the money on to us. If you’re mixing and matching with ones we’ve published and others published elsewhere you can still put off ordering from us if you’re out of stock until your orders and payments are in.
30.   Post an excerpt of your book somewhere – Facebook page, blog, web-site with a call to action

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