Thursday 9 December 2021

New submissions, higher net sales awards, celebration event

The 2022 Anthology

The theme for the 2022 is “Evergreen”. This can of course refer to the Christmas tree.  There can clearly also be a green agenda here.  What might we do to keep our planet ever green?  Or you can go for the symbolic. Isn’t the Christmas tree a symbol of hope?

Submissions accepted 6 December 2020 until 28 February 2022

Editors' decisions by 31May or there abouts!

Editorial 1 June until 31 August

Book design and early marketing 1 September until 14 November

Book release 15 November

Celebration event 3 December

See how to submit: 

Payments to writers

From 1 January 2022 we are increasing the percentage of net sales that you earn to 75% for any time that your book is “in the black”. This will be reflected in all new contracts and applied also to authors on older contracts.  

We are “not for profit” so the remaining 25% is what we use to set up new books. Debz, Martin and I do the work upfront on the whole and pay ourselves later the 50% of net sales on books that are in the red.  We also pay freelancers. Figures in red on our monthly statements indicate where we have paid a freelancer. Figures in green show where we have worked “in house”.  Where figures are all black, look forward to 75% of net sales.     

Hard launch / soft launch

This will now appear on contracts where we used to have “release” and “post production”. “Soft launch” is the date when the book is made available but it yet has to appear on all retail sites and get through the Amazon hoops. You can still get some loyal friends, family, fans and followers to read and review for you. 

“Hard launch” is the day on which the title is officially released. Most books come out on a Thursday. So, we’ll pinpoint this day as the last Thursday of the month chosen for “hard release”. This is the ideal day to have a launch but of course any time after that is also acceptable.

Remember, we can’t attend every physical launch, and we can’t provide champagne and a custom cake BUT we can let you have twenty books upfront.  If you live within twenty miles of where we live, we’ll gladly attend and do anything you would like us to do: wash up, help set out the chairs handle sales, be MC etc. etc. And we’re also happy to organise a launch on Zoom.

See ideas about launches in So Now You’re Published, What next?  and also in my course The Business of Writing  

Celebration Event at the Theodore Bullfrog Pub  

This was like coming home. We’ve used then in the past and they have always been very good. We thought they’d become a little small.  However, there is always a drop out number and in fact this will accommodate easily what we have left.

We are still living in difficult times and they were very accommodating about us having to chop and change the order.

They set the room up beautifully for us – see pictures below. 


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