Friday 15 July 2016

A glimpse across a busy schedule

There are several things happening at the moment. All of them are joyous but there’s pressure as well. So what’s keeping me busy at the moment?

Bridge House’s Baubles

We’ve made our selection, we’ve got the contracts out, we’ve started editing and we’re putting together a book trailer as well as working on other marketing strategies. We’ll have to design the book, find a cover, get everything done so that we can launch on 15 November. We also need to arrange our annual celebration for 3 December. 

The Best of CaféLit 5

We’ve made the selections and we’re letting the chosen know. We don’t really need to edit here- that stage has already passed as the texts were put onto the web site. However, the reformatting here is more challenging as we’re moving form web format to print format.   

Shelagh Delaney Collection

This is pretty well ready to send out to authors for checking. We just then need to get the cover sorted and a launch date.

Single author collections Bridge House

We’re offering this to our Bridge House authors. They may recycle stories they already have published with us.

Flash Collections

This we’re offering under our Chapeltown imprint. I’ve possibly two lined up to start work on in September.

The Red Telephone  

This will open again to submissions from October for young adults novels.

Book Tour kit

We’re offering authors twenty copies up front if they organise their own book tour. The author takes the book to the shop and we invoice the shop directly for any that go through the till. We top up the books between events, so enough time needs to be allowed between events.
At the end of the tour, the author can pay at cost or may keep the books and pay later at normal author discount rate as they sell the books on. Or they can be off-set against royalties.

Events, events, events

We’re encouraging our authors to hold their regional events, perhaps gathering in small groups. That way you might manage to see to each other’s readers. If it’s local enough to us we’ll come and join in. We love events. Especially if they involve wine or cake.   

Mentoring scheme

This takes off in the autumn. We have five people on board. We’re looking forward to it.