Friday 23 June 2017

Creating a press release

It’s good to have one of these prepared as soon as you are ready to start marketing your book. These step by step instructions are for promoting a book written by school children, but it is easily adaptable.
1.      Start with a headline. Include something about the book and where it is created e.g. Willmonston High Create Book about Animals in Support of RSPCA
2.      N.B. If sending your press release by email, include your headline in the subject line. If sending by snailmail, remember to double space.
3.      Create a “grabber”. You might type this in a slightly bigger font than normal. What is the most exciting aspect about this project? An example might be: “Best-selling author K L Towling assists Willmonston High students with their story-telling”. 
4.      Do you want you press release to go out straight away? In which case, type IMMEDIATE RELEASE above the headline.
5.      Make sure to keep the school name in the headline and any sub-heading. Repeat it again as you start writing the text.
6.      Now on to the body of the press release.  Keep the information concise. Make sure you include and make clear:
a.       What the actual news is
b.      Why this is news
c.       Who is involved
d.      What they are doing
e.       Why you are making this news available.
  1. Include a call to action. What do you want the public to do? Buy the book? Attend the launch?  
8.      Next write something about who you are:
a.       Give this section the title About Willmonston High School.
b.      Write five to six sentences.
    1. Try to identify what is special about your school.
d.      Give your web-site address.
9.      Now mention one more fact about why what you are doing is important.
10.  Finally, give contact information:
    1. The name of the school
    2. Contact person (you may have a PR person who liaises with the media)
    3. Full address of your school
    4. Full telephone and fax numbers
    5. Contact person’s mobile number
    6. Time of availability
    7. Web address
  1. Signal the end of the press release with three # symbols, centred directly underneath the last line of the release. This is a journalistic standard.

Here is a sample press release.
Immediate release

Spooking by Gill James

Paranormal Romance for young adults by university lecturer 

Spooking tells the story of a premature death and an unfinished love affair. Yes, this is a paranormal romance but there are definitely no vampires.
It isn’t too scary and there is certainly some humour in it.
Spooking appears in paperback on 28 September 2012. It has already been out as an e-book since April 2012.
Gill will do a tour of Greater Manchester secondary schools to promote the book.

About Gill James

Gill lectures in English and Creative Writing at the University of Salford. The first draft of Spooking was written whilst on a writer’s retreat on Tenerife. Gill also writes short stories and flash fiction for adults. Her main area of expertise however is the young adult novel.

Contact Gill for interviews at  or on 0161 295 6792.