Friday 14 December 2018

Running Bridge House, CaféLit, Chapeltown and The Red Telephone

How we like to work with you

It's probably pretty clear by now that with over 200 authors on our books, we can't do a lot for individual titles.

Here, though is what we can manage:
·         Keep you informed of new titles that come out
·         Encourage you to review titles you're not involved with
·         Review / critique your blog / web site / book trailer (we do tend to make the trailers for the anthologies)
·         Post regularly on social media about the book
·         Post on social media about any events you let us know about  
·         Help you to discover your niche and how you may use that
·         In appropriate cases offer you an Author Kit
·         Publish a weekly catalogue of books that include some offers


What else you might consider doing

·         If you are published by Bridge House, CaféLit, Chapeltown or The Red Telephone, copy us into any correspondence. We may be able to add to your case.
·         Inform us of successful events and productive encounters with booksellers or media so that we can add your contacts to our database.
·         Send us your other ideas.    
       Want more tips like this?  Consider this?