Saturday 19 December 2020

A Most Amazing Zoo – Audio book


How we came to publish this one

This store just naturally lends itself to be read out loud. Rob Townsend the narrator is actually an acquaintance of the author Linda Flynn. He so liked the book that he made us a recording of it 

The title

A Most Amazing Zoo it certainly is and also a most amazing recording. Rob gets the voice just right.   

Some notes about the process

We used ACX that produce the audio file in order for it to be sold via Audible and ACX. They generally take about a month to check recording for quality control. This time, because of the pandemic, they took six weeks and then we had to make some alterations. It is all very technical and I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own.  Thank goodness for other people who have the know-how. 

Who we think the reader is

The book is a picture book but not for pre-schoolers. So, having the pictures and the recording will help new readers with the text.    


There was no financial outlay for this but our designer and Rob have worked for no fee. Rob will be paid a royalty, as will our writer an illustrator and some goes to the charity the book supports. The designer will be paid our usual £30.00 fee out of the money that is assigned to the company.        

What else

We also have a version of this with the voiceover and the pages displayed at the same time. We have pay walled this with the same arrangement about royalties and fees as for the audio book.

This has been entered for the Queen’s Knickers award.


Review copies

Get in touch if you would like a free review copy.