Friday 20 December 2019

Post-Publication Check-list

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

This is where the publisher and the writer cross over a little.  There are certain routine things that need to be done after a book is published. They are not exactly heavy marketing tools but they nevertheless improve the book’s visibility and make author and publisher look professional.


Public Lending Right
Register your book for PLR.  Even if you’ve only written a chapter in a book, you can get some PLR. Don’t forget to register for Irish PLR at the same time. The amount varies from year to year. But it means that you get about 6p every time your book is borrowed from the library, up to a maximum amount of about £6,000 per author. They use sample libraries to monitor this and then apply the same findings to similar libraries throughout the country. Soon technology should be able to monitor every single book individually.       


Author’s Licensing and Collecting Agency Register here. This can be very lucrative as well for any articles or academic papers you have had published. There is a pot of money that is divided between all authors registered and you are also given specific amounts according to how many times your work has been recorded or photocopied. It also gathers PLR from other countries on your behalf. It uses a similar monitoring system to PLR (see above). Not long ago the university where I worked was monitored. Every time we photocopied from a published book we had to photocopy the title page and write on it how many copies we’d made and pop the page into a box.
“I hope my MA supervisor appreciates this,” I said to a colleague. I’d just made twenty copies of a couple of pages of his book.
“You should copy some of your own,” said my colleague.
Now That sounds like cheating. However, I do often use my own work with students, so why not?            

Other web sites

Are you a member of a professional organisation such as the Society of Authors or the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Are you attached to a university and might they consider this research? They encourage you to list your publications.  

CV and Publication list

Update this every time as you get out get new publications. It’s not a bad idea to keep your CV on Linked-in. Download a copy every time you update. 

Your own web site

Not got one yet? There are arguments that say you can have one before you’re published. Certainly as soon as you’re published you should have one. Weebly, one-com, Blogger and WordPress offer cheap / free solutions. You really want one that you can author yourself, though it’s a good idea to get advice form an expert when you set up the template. And do get a proper domain name.  

Set up a Facebook page

You might consider having one for you as an author and then a separate one for each book. Keep it going forever. Have a call to action button on the landing page i.e. a link to where visitors can buy the book.
Facebook reminds you if you haven’t been to your page for a while. 


Consider writing a blog if you don’t already. It might be about writing or it might be about your book. You might keep a blog for posting excerpts of your work. You might keep separate blogs for separate items – I do. You can also share posts with other bloggers and go on blog tours.           


Make a book trailer for each publication. This is so easy with Vimeo.  Post it on You Tube,  Take care not to use copyright material. Free pictures are available at Free Pics    and free music at Free Music Archive. 

Book Bub

Another place to advertise your books. It's also good to join as a reader. You can  sign up for deals to get your book on to lists that are emailed out.  

Author Central

Register with Arthur Central. This is on Amazon and allows Amazon readers to find you. Add each publication as it comes out and you’ll soon have real evidence that you are a writer. If you have a chapter in a book or a story in an anthology you may have to prove this to Amazon. However, this is quite straight forward. You can mention where you are listed as an author in the book or if they’re still not convinced can ask your publisher to write to them. We always list our authors in such a way in our books that Amazon often finds them anyway.      

Good Reads

You can create an author profile on Good Reads. You can link this to your blog so that people who find and follow you on Good Reads. Don’t forget to be a reader here as well. It learns your reading preferences and recommends texts you might like. It’s a good place for getting and posting reviews. Be generous with your reviews if you want people to be generous with you.       


Amazon Associates

This is where you can earn a little every time someone clicks on a link from your book. You can paste just the cover of your book – small medium or large – on to your blog or web site. Or you can use an image plus text or just text. You can also of course advertise other people’s books if you wish. I’m intrigued that with my own account people frequently buy such items as dog food or lawn sprinklers. They buy books as well, thank goodness, and on those books I also get a royalty from the publisher.  
Find Amazon Associates here.          


Make postcards. Book covers look so good on a post card. Vista Print is a good option. They’re also good for business cards. If you run out of business cards have the next set made with the cover of your latest book and a link to where you can buy it on one side of the card.    


Linked in

You can and should list your publications on Linked in. Why not also write a post about each new text?  


Twitter List

Mention your book from time to time on Twitter. Remember the 20/80% rule, So every time you mention your book you should post four other tweets about something else.  

As a publisher and an editor I go through a shortened version of this list:
Linked in publisher site   
Twitter List   
Facebook page   
Good Reads, where I post a review even though I’m the publisher. Good Reads doesn’t mind. Unfortunately you can’t do this for Amazon; they don’t like “connections”.

For my own short stories I also use a shortened list:    
Twittter list 
Publication list
Website GillJames Writer
Facebook page
Linked- in

It’s routine stuff really and can be a bit tedious. But why not play some good music as you do it and just remember it’s making you more visible and helping you to come across as professional.