Saturday 20 February 2016

The excitement of a new call to submissions

It’s always good getting submissions when we’ve asked for them. Like all publishers we get a lot of what we’ve not asked for. I’m afraid we simply delete those. Life is too short. Do read the guidelines carefully.
Among the various imprints for which I work there are two calls out at the moment: one is the Bridge House Baubles. This is for our annual anthology that we hope to publish on 15 November 2016. We’re looking for short, snappy, sparkly stories that brighten up the darker nights like baubles enhance the Christmas tree. We’re not talking about things that give you a good belly laugh nor anything that is overly sentimental. Feel good is fine, yes, but just a light touch. You’ll know it when you think of it. Find full details here.
Chapeltown is seeking to put together single author collections of flash fiction.  We favour the really short variety and want to make beautiful hard copy books but we will also publish them electronically. Proactive authors who will give reading and do tours can do well here.
In addition CafĂ©Lit is of course open for submissions all year round. And we put the best into an annual collection.  
This really is the fun stuff for us. We enjoy watching the submissions come in, making the selections and of course informing the successful writers.  We very much enjoy our yearly get together where we have a chance to put name so to faces.
Want to join the fun? Well get submitting!