Wednesday 20 April 2016

Managing events

I’ve realised recently that I enjoy creating and managing events. I find this a very creative act. Recently I’ve been involved in organising:

·         A conference about the young adult novel
·         A celebration for all of our authors
·         A re-launch of one of my books

All of these activities are quite creative and up there with writing and editing books and creating lesson plans.

I see these events as going through various stages:

  • Deciding what is to be achieved.
  • Finding the right venue.
  • Thinking about the needs of the guests – charge a ticket price, make it free, supply food and drink, have books on sale?
  • Getting out invites and general publicity. You’re usually okay, I find, slightly overbooking. There’s always someone who has to cancel at the last moment.
  • Checking over the logistics – again and again and again  
  • On the day just enjoying it. Be prepared for the worst case scenario and know how to deal with it, keep a vision of the best outcome and know that your event will be somewhere in between.

It is just such fun seeing the acceptances coming in. I usually use Ticket Source or Eventbrite. Both are really useful.

It’s also really important to send a follow up and get feedback.

And the next one will be: 3 December 2016, London, for Bridge House, CafeLit, Red Telephone and Shelagh Delaney writers.