Thursday 4 April 2024

Author Kit


We tend not to write this into contracts as we keep tweaking the methodology but if you are planning a series of events – for example, perhaps you’re arranging a series of school visits -   and book signings, we can work with an author’s kit for you. This means we can let you have a set of books upfront and you pay us after you have sold them.

We normally suggest supplying twenty and we top them up for you between visits. This could bring you into the 50+ bracket that means you buy the books at 65% of RRP.  

It’s important to remember that we use print-on-demand and so you should allow at least ten days for this initial order and between orders; two whole weeks may be better.   

You pay us the 65% / 75% of RRP once you have it.

If you don’t manage to sell all of the books and you can’t afford the 65% / 75% of RRP, no worries.  We just allow it against royalties until it has cleared. And only on that book; you still get your royalties on the other titles you have with us.

We can also work directly with a bookshop or other retail outlet at 65% of RRP. This is on a sale or return basis but we ask that you pick up the returns. Otherwise the shop may just bin them! I’m afraid we can’t afford that.   

It may be that even if you supply the books yourself, the retailer likes them to go through their till. You might invoice them for the books then pay us or we can invoice them directly. Unfortunately this often means we have to chase.  

You can also get people to order directly from us at:

Again we need a ten day lead. 

All worth considering?

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