Thursday 5 June 2014

The last few instances before the book goes to press

You think you’re ready but actually the last few processes are complex and time-consuming but it is all very exciting.

Is it ready?
Has it been proof read? Is the formatting correct? Is the author’s name correct? For goodness’ sake, is the author’s name correct? On the spine as well?

The final touches to the cover
Is the cover right? Is that font the best?  Full name or pretend you might be male so just initials? Use a name to distinguish you from your other writing self? Or just be you? Your name’s great, says your publisher. They should know.

The endorsement
Nice to get it on the front cover. But it could crowd the cover. Maybe it could go on the back? It’s less likely to be seen. Okay. Short and pithy on the front.
Does it unbalance the front now? Does it crowd?  You can put them inside, of course. Is this a bit too academic? Will they mind if we edit it a little?  Does that web site still work?

The blurb
That’s a bit too long. We shouldn’t really use that word. It’s not politically correct. That’s better.  No, wait. It sounds as if the ice-cream van is ruining their relationship. That’s not what you meant at all, is it?  
Oh, no, that won’t do – you’re giving away too much.
Yes? Maybe. Buzz it over.

Time to upload
What have we forgotten? What glaring mistake will we see when they send the proof copy? Will it be ready in time? Must remember to register it on Nielsens. Don’t forget the British Library. We never do, actually though they sometimes claim they don’t have our books.   
Here goes. Fingers crossed.

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