Saturday 4 March 2023


Submissions are now all handled by Duosuma. They are still free though we have added a tip jar; each submission you make costs us a few pence.  If every now and then you could shout us the price of a cup of coffee that would be nice. It is a nice clean and tidy way of keeping track of submissions.


See our call for submission here:


Single author collections

Books for Children

Fast Track

Flash Fiction Collections

Feisty Women Fiction and Non-Fiction   

Writing Teacher – note for this you can submit prompts and work for critique. 

Young Adult books


Links in full:  (Fast track – see below) 


Fast track

If you have a collection of short stories, creative non-fiction, flash and drabbles over 30,000 words or a collection of flash and drabbles over 10,000 words, all of which we have already published before in one of our anthologies,  or on CafeLit,  and indeed in a mixture of these places, we can fast-track your publication.

You must present us with the edited version of the stories in the order in which you would like us to publish them. You will need to take your CafeLit stories off the site as we have already edited them before posting. Please present as a Word document in a standard font.  Times New Roman 12 is a favoured one. 

Add a bio at the end, and links to up to three of your other publications. 

Please create a blurb: this should consist of a dramatic summary statement to open, a paragraph that will whet the reader’s appetite for what is to come, and a final paragraph that mentions the title of the book (if you have it yet) and you with one truthful but inspiring adjective.        

Also provide a concept for the cover in one sentence.

Please contain all of this in one document and proof-read it all once more.

Next month I’ll be introducing another fast-track method.    

Find the private link here.

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