Sunday 8 November 2015

All in a Day’s Work

We’re putting the final touches to the Snowflakes anthology.

End tasks

Sign off tasks include final proof reads, designing the cover, designing the layout of the book, registering it with Nielsens and uploading it to the printer. There’s always a few anxious moments as we wait for the physical proof. Will we have overlooked something obvious? Once we had no page numbers and another time we had the right cover with somebody else’s book inside. Fortunately the latter was only in one copy of the book but a little nerve-wracking as it was the first one we sold at the launch. Will it be ready in time?

Marketing tasks

Then there’s first marketing steps. We’ve organised the launch / celebration party. Will enough people come? Or will more people want to come than we’ve got space for? It’s always a delicate balance. It’s currently only open to Snowflakes and  CafeLit 4 authors. I’ll be opening it later to the long-listed writers in the Shelagh Delaney competition and then other Bridge House / CafeLit authors. Thereafter, other interested parties.        

Later today I’ll be sending out the front cover so that the authors can use it in their own marketing efforts. Will they like it? It’s probably impossible to satisfy everyone. See the preview here.     

I’m also working on the book trailer. It’s almost ready. What have I forgotten? Will they like it?

Then I’ll be lining up authors for the blog and setting up a Facebook page. It’s all go.  

Getting ready for the next one

Yes, very soon the process begins again. No doubt we’ll be discussing next year’s theme in a few weeks’ time.         

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