Wednesday 8 March 2023

Fair Submissions – new “free to enter/ submit” label


Someone asked me the other day whether I could provide a separate Fair Submissions list that only showed free to enter calls. I don't really have the time to produce separate lists. Fair Submissions are deemed fair if they lead to payment, publication, great exposure or are quirky and fun. Of course they may do all of that.  

I don't include the very expensive ones - apart from the Manchester Prize as I'm sort of connected with that. I include paid for ones if the fee is only about what it would cost to print and snailmail and include return postage.

And I probably don’t always get it right and it is a little subjective. But these are all opportunities I deem worthwhile for me and those of you reading this newsletter.   

However I have now started going forward and gradually retrospectively to indicate which ones are free to enter in the labels. Some charge a fee but have a few free slots for people who are on low incomes. I will indicate that as "(free to enter)" as opposed to "free to enter".

Many, ourselves included, have a tip jar where you can decide whether to pay us a little or not.

As you know we use Duosuma for submissions. This costs us 15p every time someone submits. Submittable that you may have come across is considerably more expensive with a monthly fee. I'm pleased to say that we more than break-even - thanks to the generosity of our writers. The surplus goes on producing more books and paying CafeLit writers a small royalty.

Find Fair Submissions here. 

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