Wednesday 19 February 2020

The Best of CafeLit 8

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It’s always good fun putting together The Best of CaféLit books. For the last couple of years we’ve asked the writers who appear in the current book to select their five favourites for the next volume. We use a points system: five points for the top story four for the second, three for the third etc. We’re currently going through this process for The Best of CaféLit 9. This year may be interesting: we may have more stories than make a comfortable paperback volume. There seems to be less overlap in choices than in previous years. However, the solution will be simple: we’ll make out usual  volume of about 35,000 words to sell as a Kindle book and paperback. Then we’ll make an extra e-book of the rest. No one will be left out!

Freedom from editing

All CaféLit stories are edited as they go on to the site. The very best story is chosen each day anyway. So, all that needs to be done as the book is made is a light copy-edit and a proof read. However, the stories do have to be formatted and this can be tricky sometimes; all sorts of random code is embedded in the texts and it can make formatting the books tricky. Help us by first creating your story in a simple Word document then paste it into your email.  

A new financial model

We experimented recently with publishing our paperback version of a book via Amazon’s own print on demand service rather than Lightning Source whom we usually use. We were pleased with the results so we’re now going to use that for future CaféLit books.
It’s difficult to get Amazon paperbacks into bookshops. But that’s okay for CaféLit book; we don’t want to get them into bookshops, we want to get them into cafés!
We’ve tried to keep prices down to £6.0 RRP and £5.00 for authors. We may have to revise this. Currently The Best of CaféLit 8 hasn’t covered costs though authors are getting a reasonable royalty.
It’s important that we cover the costs of a book. We can’t offer a new contract until we do.

Making the video

This is always fun. However, I’m still using Movie Maker but as this is now obsolete I’ll need to start using something else. I always use for free and copyright free pictures and for free and copyright free music. (Be sure if you use the latter to put the right filters into your search) It’s a shame about Movie Maker. I’ve really got to know all its tricks and foibles.
For the The Best of Cafélit books I list drinks, themes and authors. I find pictures to go with some of the drinks and themes, then list authors in the credits. I look for a piece of snappy, lively music.    
Here’s the video.               

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