Friday 27 January 2017

How we work with authors on marketing their books

We very much see this as a joint effort. We work with our authors in the following areas:

Reviewing blogs  
Reviewing web sites  
Creating letters to reviewers
Sending letters to reviewers
Finding reviewers    
Creating press releases 
Contacting local press
Contacting local radio
Contacting local television
Creating advance information sheets 
Contacting local bookshops about possible signings
Inviting people privately to a launch
Creating a public Facebook event
Advertising the event publicly on our web site
Creating a Facebook page, making the author an administrator, as she will probably use it more than we do. Some authors prefer to create their own page.    
Designing and publishing a book trailer 
Getting postcards made
Holding a cyber-launch 
Promoting the book via our social media 
Contacting schools re school visits
Contacting festivals.
Contacting writers’ groups.   
Contacting local libraries
Organising signing tour.

We find many of the people we contact thought the author herself and in any case these are often the most effective contacts.  

Obviously there are only so many hours in a day and only so much time we can devote to each author. It’s great if the author does some of these actions themselves. We probably have a few more contacts than individual authors and have a few effective routines.

It as true for the Big Five as it us for us smaller presses that authors need to be proactive. An indie author I know works seven days a week, about ten hours a day and spends 50% of his time on marketing. I read in an article recently that indie authors need to spend 90% of their time on marketing.  

One of the most effective marketing tools is a good email list of fans and followers. The new author should start building that up right away.

Over the next few posts I’ll be looking at each of these in more detail.          

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