Monday 8 October 2018

Finding your niche

Sometimes your book isn't going to find most of its sales in the places that other books do. This may be more obvious for non-fiction but even for fiction think of all the research you've done.
Can you think of ten other places who might be interested in your book?
Even if they aren't willing to sell them they may be interested in a talk or an article.
Here's my list for the Schellberg Cycle books:
1.      The Holocaust Centre Laxton
2.      The Imperial War Museum North
3.      The Wiener Museum London
4.       The Jewish Museum Manchester
5.      The Anne Frank Institute
6.      Secondary schools in my area currently studying the Holocaust
7.      Jewish schools in my area
8.      The Goethe Institute
9.      1940s festivals
10.  The Kindertransport Association
Write to them. The worst that can happen is that they will say "No, thank you."
As a result of approaching the above, I've run several Schellberg Cycles in schools and that has led to book sales. I've had some of my research exhibited. I've been invited to write a few articles that may have led to more book sales.  When you've exhausted your list, start a new one.  

Want more tips like this? 

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