Monday 9 September 2019

Enjoyable Editing Enticing

How much am I enjoying editing? Now I’m really stuck in I am enjoying it immensely. The digestion of words weaving different perspectives and narratives entice me into thoughts of writing. After a long slog before my new editing role my works in progress (WIPs) are finally seeing the light of day. My dining table is unusually clear as writing takes up less space than crafting. Painting, editing audio interviews in a voluntary living history project I’m working on, and writing new stories have surfaced from beneath a sea of lists.

Having just returned from a relaxing (yes, relaxing) holiday I was somewhat flabbergasted to find my table still clear. As if the lists might have multiplied by themselves when I wasn’t looking. Normally my holidays combine volunteering but not this one! The highlight was a cruise from the Isle of Mull where the houses are made of ticky, tacky?

Anyway, I will prioritise editing this week between my normal routine of ups and downs in levels of wellbeing. Just 🤔 of the lovely Scottish landscape then returning to gorgeous Dartmoor makes me feel forever alive and grateful.

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