Monday 18 May 2020

The Joy of the Edit 2

I've recently completed Edit 2 on a second book I'm editing for Bridge House and it has been most encouraging.

The author has put so much hard work into the book. What is nice at this stage is (a) seeing that and (b) as a result almost feeling how much the book has been strengthened as a result.

Beware, editor at work!  Pixabay

This is probably my favourite part of the editing process. The book is so nearly there and that's a great feeling for author, publisher, and editor alike.

One for the spelling fans maybe! Or there again....  Pixabay     

I'm also pleased to see the first book I edited is now out. I must admit, while I cannot be as pleased and thrilled with that as the author undoubtedly is, I do feel almost maternal, wanting the book to do well out there in the big, bad world!

A story well told and with the right amount of editing to make the maximum impact on a reader. Now that IS important. Pixabay.

Now I am looking forward to being on the other side of the fence again when I have my own Edit 2 back to work through in due course!

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