Wednesday 23 June 2021

The Fortune Teller of Phillipi


Jenny Robertson’s YA novel: The Fortune Teller of Philippi

This gripping story confirms that miracles are possible for everyone     

Melissa, the daughter of a Roman army officer, enjoys a wow moment when she meets Merekl, a young cloth merchant with laughter in his voice. But as she follows the path the fortune teller predicts, she plunges ever deeper into darkness and danger. Can Merekl overcome destructive powers and unscrupulous enemies to rescue Melissa?

This dramatic story for 12-14 year olds, woven around events in the Book of Acts, is set in Roman Philippi around the middle of the first century CE. The action, based on thorough research into the world of Ancient Rome, shows how the young Christian church attracted the have-nots of the ruthless Roman world  and enriched their lives with a sense of  belonging to a diverse, joyful community.

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Jenny’s take on the YA novel proves that Christianity is for young people as well.    

Jenny Robertson is an experienced author of many widely translated books for children and adults. She authored the popular Ladybird Bible books. She has written about the Warsaw Ghetto and contributed to PRISM, the journal for Holocaust educators and students. Jenny deeply respects the Jewish origins of Christianity and regrets the anti-Semitism that arose later in the Christian story. Jenny has contributed to several Bridge House anthologies. Her most recent books are Wojtek, War Hero Bear (Birlinn, Edinburgh), From the Volga to the Clyde (Fleming Publications) and From Corsets to Communism (Scotland Street Press)

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