Tuesday 7 September 2021

The Jinn


The Jinn

How we came to publish this one



All of the stories about the Jinn were first published on CaféLit so this is another of our serials. Mason Bushell has other stories on CafeLit and he is a regular writer of stories. He has a firm writing routine.  


The title

It really is simple and to the point.

Some notes about the process

The editing process here is slightly different from the one we use in our other anthologies. Every CaféLit story is given a light copy edit before it is published in the  e-zine. For serials like this we then put together a camera ready proof for the writer to check. We do an in-house technical proof and after the author has returned their proofs we get another proof read by an editor who has not seen the text before. 


The cover

The cover image was created by Ashleigh James. It complements well some of the other covers we have for CafeLit serials. The front cover picture really says what it is all about. A jinn is a magical creature. The picture shows that this is a quirky version.   


Some notes about style

These stories are very quirky. Very importantly in CaféLit serials each episode must stand alone and there should be an overarching story as well. This happens beautifully here.     

Who we think the reader is

These stories are for people who like to laugh.

This collection of stories about the Jinn and the various situations he finds himself in when summoned is a light easy read.

Mason Bushell has created an amusing little character in the Jinn and you can't help but smile at his antics & the way he expresses himself.

If you are looking for a quick fast read that will leave you with a smile, give it a read.’ Says one reviewer.


What else

Why not give Mason a follow? He’s written some super stories.


Review copies

It’s always great if you can buy the book, or download it if you have a plan, and give us a review. Just click on the link to be taken to our online bookshop. If you would like to review and you are strapped for cash, just get in touch for a free review copy.         

See in our bookstore.  


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