Thursday 5 October 2023

Short Cuts


As you no doubt know, we have long waiting list of trusted authors we are intending to publish. See However, there are a few short cuts, also for trusted authors. If you receive our newsletter you are a “trusted author” but please mention how you know us when you submit. Not yet a “trusted author”? Why not sign up at  ?

Here are the pathways:

CafeLit Serial

Look at the work of Mason Bushell, Janet Howson and Dawn Knox. Mention when you submit your first story that this is a potential serial – even put it in the title of the story. If  we like the concept, we’ll prioritise you in the daily selection and once the serial is complete, the rest of the publishing process is quicker as most of the editing has been done as we go along. The serial should be made up of episodes that stand alone but there should be an overarching story through the book.  

Sunday Serial

This is where we serialise your work every Sunday. This is offered to you if you are on the waiting list and we’ll start making offers as soon as the current serial is in the last month. Again we edit as we go along and you are offered the opportunity to respond to comments. Think Charles Dickens. This also shortens the editing process slightly.  See Sunday Serial.   

Fast track 1

Gather together all of your pre-edited-by-us stories. They may have appeared on CafeLit, in one of our annual anthologies or one of our special books. You gather the edited version into one word document.  You are looking at between 30,000 and 70,000 words, the sweet spot being 46,000. You may like to include an introduction and you should also include a bio, 250 – 500 words, and links to up to three of your other publications  See Seen Through a Glass of Red by Liz Cox and Old Man Jasperson and other stories by Jim Bates. All of the editing is completed on this so we only need to design the books, proof read twice and market. In both cases we actually published a couple of months ahead of schedule.  Use

Fast track 2

If you have used one of our editors and they agree that the book is good to go we can leave out one or more of the editorial processes.  See our list here:   Use but mention in your cover letter that you have used one of our editors and outline which sort of edit(s) they’ve completed.                                                                                                                                

Fast track 3

Do you have a collection of stories to which you have the rights back? Put them together in one Word document, acknowledging where each was first published. Again, you are looking at between 30,000 and 70,000 words, the sweet spot being 46,000. You will have just the two proof reads. Also include an introduction if you would like one, and supply a bio, a blurb and link to up to three of your previous publications. Submit as usual via:

Fast track 4

This will have to stay in the queue, I’m afraid BUT if we approve of it we can miss out the editorial stages. This is where we can bring your out of print book back to life. We may even take it on if we think it needs editorial input. Submit in the normal way.  

Crowd Funded project

If you are willing to work with us on crowd-funding your project, please indicate that in your submission. We will run a crowd-funding project for two months and use whatever funds we raise to, in this order,:

·         Shorten your publishing schedule

·         Give you a more dynamic launch

·         Get you on to higher royalties faster

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