Thursday 26 October 2023

The Day Chuck Berry Died by Ian Inglis


How we came to publish this one

Ian came to us though one of our multi-author anthologies. This is an example of us having worked with an author once before and knowing that we can trust them. This really is an effective way of getting published by us.  

The title

The is title is also the title of one of the stories in the collection. This is fairly common practice; you can name the collection after one of the stories in it. This is usually one that the author feels strongly about.

Some notes about the process

The text needed little editing though it went through the normal three stages of editing.

The cover

There is perhaps an obvious connection between the title of the collection and the cover image.

Some notes about style

This verges on the literary yet the stories are very readable by our normal audience.   

Who we think the reader is

Who is the Bridge House reader? Yes to some extent they are always the friends, family, fans and followers of our individual authors and the authors themselves. We hope we are also getting a following because those readers like all of our works.    

What else

Ian is an experienced writer and brought that experience to this project. 

Review copies

It’s always great if you can buy the book and give us a review. Just click on the link to be taken to Amazon. Or the one to take you to our own online shop. If you would like to review and you are strapped for cash, just get in touch for a free PDF.         



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