Tuesday 6 February 2024

Walela Books


We have started a new imprint: Walela Books. We shall be publishing novels. Yes, we already do via The Red Telephone, Feisty Women and The Schellberg Cycle, each of which have their own characteristics. And this will be a little different too with its own particular criteria:

·         Submissions are only accepted from people we know:

o   Texts by people already published by us or

o   Texts recommended by one particular agent only or 

o   Texts recommended by our freelance editors

·         The voice will tend towards the literary

·         This is the home for works that don’t fit comfortably into a particular genre. This may be of interest if you’ve ever had a rejection where you’ve been told that the writing is good but that a publisher can see where to shelve it. We particularly want books like that.

We have a web site and a domain name but it’s not hooked up to search engines yet. We even have our first publication in progress but it’s top secret at the moment.


Quiz: What does Walela mean? First person to reply correctly can chose a book from our bookshop. And the first person to tell us why that name, can choose two books from our bookshop. Reply to this email.    

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