Tuesday 6 February 2024

Royalties 2023


We’re decided this year only to notify you if you have crossed the £10.00 threshold. As we supply sales information to you every month you should have a good idea of what’s coming your way.

Remember, if you haven’t crossed the £10.00 threshold, you can still donate to our charity – this year Medical Detection Dogs and still for Aftermath and Covid 19 you can donate to MSF. Or you can allow your royalties against books. Note, that many people opt to do this and then order books without asking for the allowance!  And even if you do nothing, the royalties are never lost; they just roll over to next year.  

All royalties will be out before 31 March.  Please don’t query before then.    

Some interesting snippets:       

CafeLit stories each earned £1.37

The Best of CafeLit 12 stories each earned 80p.

Gifted stories each earned £1.18    

Crackers continues to sell well, particularly the e-book in India. Amazon keeps getting behind it. Those writers who only have one story with us and that is in Crackers should cross that threshold in 2024. For those who are in other publications, Crackers contributes a lot each year.

This brings me on to my next point. How to earn well and regularly with us. Well its’s few points really and it works best if you do at least two of these things.  

·         Submit regularly to CafeLit – even if you’re rejected a few times.  Remember our “decline” notice encourages you to resubmit your piece and send us new work. And note that the e–zine is actually our top earner.    

·         Consider writing a CafeLit serial – see the work of Jim Bates, Mason Bushell, Janet Howson and Dawn Knox. For more details about how this works look at the Short Cut section below. 

·         Submit to our anthologies – and don’t give up doing so if you’re rejected one year.

·         Submit a single author collection to us   

I did think about exemplifying and glorifying a few people but I’m terrified that I’ll miss somebody out. Basically, if you’re getting a royalty payment most years, you’re one of our stars. I’m pleased to say that Debz and I also belong to that group.

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