Monday 3 February 2020


Many of the stories, but not all, in this collection take place at or near Christmas time. There are a couple that deal with the joys and sorrows of the annual Nativity Play. There is new birth, rebirth or a new beginning in many of them.

Again this year it was difficult to choose. There are so many skilled writers out there. There was little wrong with any of the writing we read but in the end we went for the strongest stories and for those tales that best interpreted the theme.

There are some familiar names in this volume and also some new writers. We treasure them all. 

As usual selecting stories for and editing our this anthology was a very rewarding experience. Each story in the anthology goes through up to three stages of editing. This year in most cases we only had to do one!

We’re pleased to say that the book is already in the black and has covered its set-up costs.

We’re experimenting for our next collection with anonymous submissions. Our call for submissions is here.     
Do take a look at our book and please leave us a review. 

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