Sunday 5 July 2020

Marketing Needn’t Be Onerous

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Publishers spend a certain amount of time and money on marketing their books but have to concentrate on the front list. Many writers prefer writing to marketing yet acknowledge that they must be involved in promoting their books. Are writers introverts? Possibly. But do they need to adapt the mentality of a car salesman once the book is out there? Not necessarily.

Comfort zone plus      

It’s important that you work with what feels comfortable – though it doesn’t hurt to stretch yourself a little. There’s a lot of different things you can do.


Over the years, I’ve developed some routines for getting books exposure. If you work to a routine it somehow makes it easier. Some of these are just what publishers do, others are for writers and some are for both .

A lot of these routines are described on this blog anyway. It’s helpful also to divide your activities into:
·         What you can do before the book comes out
·         What you can do when the book comes out
·         How you can sustain interest post-publication
I’ve collected all of these ideas into the book shown above.

Thirty Day Plan

I’m now working on a thirty day plan of a small actions authors can take each day to promote their book post-publication. They take just a few minutes every day. I’ll put an outline of it on here and release a more detailed version to all of our writers when it’s complete. Others will be able to request it. Watch this space.       

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