Thursday 30 July 2020

Publishing Potpourri

How we came to publish this one

We put out a call for collections of flash fiction and were delighted to receive a response from Anusha. We’ve since narrowed our call to those writers who we’ve already published on CaféLit or in one of our annual anthologies. But we’re glad we took on this one. The stories here are quite remarkable.            

The title

This was entirely the Anusha’s idea. It is a very apt title. There really is a mixture of ideas and atmospheres in these lovely short tales.      

The cover

This is partly determined by the series that the book belongs. We’ve started to call these “our little square books”. They always have this characteristic picture frame and we’re trying to make each one a distinctive colour. So, we then want to fill the frame with a square picture. In this case we have – as you might expect – some potpourri with quite a bit of yellow in it. As with all books in this series we have an author’s bio on the back cover and a one-line blurb on the front.  

Some notes about style

We have a mixture here of more literary pieces where the language borders on prose poetry and some more popular prose texts which contain a good narrative balance.  There are also a few poems in the collection.

Who we think the reader is

This may suit the hard-pressed reader who does not have a lot of time. As ever flash fiction suits the busy person who can read a text and have that text stay with them all day or even for a day or two. This little volume will fit into a handbag so may be ideal to have with you if you are travelling.  


This book is almost in the black, has almost covered its set up costs and continues to sell. We could do with a few more sales, however. If you’d like a copy, click on the image and you’ll be taken straight to Amazon.   

What else

We’re still producing these little books. There are nine out there, including this one, and two more in production.      

Reviews welcome, as always.

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