Saturday 1 August 2020

31 Book Tweaks for August

1.       What are others saying about this book? Gather some snippets from your reviews and post them with a call to action on your web site, blog or Facebook page. 
2.       Request reviews via your email list. Not got an email list yet? Start building one. Or approach my Dream team. Send me some copy and I’ll send it out to them.
3.       Offer author talks but specifically to do with this title.     
4.       Link this book to other similar ones and promote them in one place on your blog, Facebook page or web site.    
5.       Revisit key words again.  Create a post that includes those key words. Make sure you include a call to action.   
6.       Edit yur website-  Are then number of pages right?
8.       Edit your web site.  Is it easily navigable?
9.       Edit your web site. Hew appealing is the home page? Make sure there is a call to action for this book.
10.   Edit your web site.  Is the about the author page up to date?  Mention this book
11.   Edit your web site- is it easy for people to contact you?  Mention this book. Can you give a copy away today?  
12.   Edit your web site.  Do you have a photo gallery? Make sure this book sings out.  
13.   Edit your web site? Do you offer talks? Make sure this is included on your site.  Mention this book.
14.   Work on your Facebook page  a little.  Add a message about this book and invite other to follow you.  
15.   Post a video on.  If you have a trailer for the book re-post it.
16.   Hashtag your book on Twitter.
17.   Arrange book gig. Approach someone about offering an author talk.  Consider working with other writers.  Use Scribblers to connect.  
18.   Look for a writing conference or festival and offer a gig.
19.   Approach a local radio station.
20.   Approach a local TV channel.
21.   Consider a book ad:  Bookbub, Contentmo, Amazon, Facebook.
22.   Approach a quirky reader.
23.   Make sure your Amazon Author page is up to date. Post out a link to it.
24.   Post on Good Reads.  Consider a giveaway?
25.   Approach reviewers.
26.   Create a business card specifically about this book and give them all out within a month.
27.   Create a book club guide for this book and make it available via your web site, blog or Facebook page.     
28.   Give away a copy.
29.   Consider a stall at a local event.
30.   Create something to wear form your book and wear it!
31.   Add a strap line to your email signature. You can remove or replace this later. It’s always good to change them from time to time anyway. Make sure it contains a call to action.

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