Saturday 4 March 2023

The Magnet Book and Books, Books, Books


The steady stream of new sign-ups continues for the Books, Books, Books, mailing list that goes out every Friday. The magnet book is on the home page of all of the imprints.  It’s the first thing that people see when they look us up.

The magnet book showcases our work and also links to several of our publications. Importantly it invites people on to the mailing list.

People who join the mailing list are given a choice of what they’ll receive.  Everybody gets notification of all new books but they only get notifications of the offers on the sort of books they like. If you sign up for the list, you’ll get an email that you can easily forward on to other people. Sign up here.        

 If you’d like to use the magnet book to attract more people to our mailing list see what we’ve done here: (See top right-hand corner)

Please feel free to create your own call to action from this. The link for the letter sign-up and which then takes your contacts to the download is:

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