Monday 20 March 2023

The Best of CafeLit 11


How we came to publish this one

We publish a “Best of” CafeLit book every year. For this book we had six of our editors select the stories: Liz Cox, Linda Flynn, Gill James, Madeleine McDonald, Hannah Retallick and Allison Symes. We selected stories from a couple of months each. Naturally we avoided the months with our own stories in. Each editor selected about 3000 words worth of stories and wrote a short introduction to them.    

The title

The title is generic.

Some notes about the process

Every CaféLit story is given a short copy edit before it goes on to the site. The editors involved also did another copy edit / proof read as the book was put together. Once the camera-ready design was finished it was passed to each writer to proof read. At this stage some authors updated their bio. Before it was released there was a final proof read.   

The cover

The cover is the same each year. However, a new colour is carefully selected each time. Our designer has a set of suitable colours he’s working through. There are about five left. I wonder what will happen then?     

Some notes about style

Some stories are shorter, some longer. Some are darker, some are lighter. We try to keep that sort of balance as we publish. We also like to show case new writers alongside our regular ones.

Who we think the reader is

Certainly these stories are for readers who like to be intrigued. The stories are very mixed so there should be something there for everyone. And a typical reader should be consuming the story at the same time as they consume their favourite beverage.         

What else

We are using Amazon KDP for this book. It makes distribution to other countries a lot easier.

Review copies

It’s always great if you can buy the book and give us a review. Just click on the link to be taken to Amazon. If you would like to review and you are strapped for cash, just get in touch for a free PDF or Kindle file.         


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